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Projects :

(Currents) Sponsored Research

  • A Coupled Atmosphere - Ocean Biogeochemistry Model for the North Indian Ocean Naval Research Board (NRB).

  • The Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols and Pollution on the Bay of Bengal Marine Ecosystem INDIAN NATIONAL CENTRE FOR OCEAN INFORMATION SERVICES (INCOIS)

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(COMPLETED) Sponsered Research

BY Dr. Jayanarayanan Kuttippurath (Co-PI or Contributor to 11 European projects 2001-2015 )

      EU-RECONCILE: European Project, 2010—2013, LATMOS/CNRS, Paris, France

  • Climate model simulations/analyses of polar ozone evolution: past and future (1958—2100).

  • Testing of a new micro-physical scheme and analysis of its impact on the ozone recovery.


  • Climate model run/analyses of stratospheric weather in the past and future (1958—2100).

  • Bias estimation of the simulated results with measurements and reanalysis data sets.

     ESA/MULTI-TASTE: 2009—2011, European Space Agency, LATMOS/CNRS, Paris, France

  • Analysis of ozone trends in the Antarctic using statistical regression methods.

  • Validation of space-based measurements with ground-based measurements (1989—2010).

    ORACLE—O3: French-ANR Project, 2008—2010, LATMOS/CNRS, Paris, France

  • Development of a method to derive ozone loss from ground-based measurements.

  • Simulation of polar ozone loss using the models MIMOSA-CHIM and REPROBUS.

    SCOUT—O3: European Project: 2007—2009, LATMOS/CNRS, Paris, France.

  • Analysis of ozone loss in the polarspring using measurements and model simulations.

  • Development of a long-term climatology (1989—2010) of ozone loss for the Antarctic.

   STRATOSPHERIC DYNAMICS AND CLIMATE: French-ANR, 2005—2007, Paris, France

  • Development of a method to extract equatorial waves from measurements/model output.

  • Construction of a climatology of equatorial waves.

   ACCENT BIAFLUX: European project, 2005—2007, LMD/CNRS/Univ. Bremen, Germany

  • Conducting measurement campaigns for indoor and outdoor air-quality measurements.

  • Indoor and outdoor air-quality assessment and impact on human health.

   PAVE: US-European project, 2004—2005, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

  • Study of denitrification, chlorine activation and ozone loss in the Arctic winter 2004/2005.

  • Validation of satellite observations with airborne measurements.

   EuPLEx: European project, 2003—2005, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

  • Conducting measurement campaigns and study of ozone loss in the winter 2002/2003.

  • Validation of the Bremen CTM with the airborne and satellite observations.

   SCIAVALUE: European project, 2001—2005, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

  • Conducting measurement campaigns and retrieval of trace gases from measurements.

  • Validation of space-borne sensors with airborne, ground-based and satellite observations.

   C-IMCOZ: 2001, CUSAT- Technical University Delft, the Netherlands

  • Study of hydrodynamics and stability of the structures along the west coast of India.

  • Supervise a M. Tech. student for her thesis preparation.


  • Project Name : Implimentation of a high-resolution regional modelling system for the Bay of Bengal, with fresh water input from adjacent Rivers (NORB)

     Co-consultant(s) : Prof. K. Jayanarayanan

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