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Stratospheric Sudden Warmings


Sudden Stratospheric Warming are defined as dynamical events in the stratosphere identified by a rapid rise in temperature at the rate of 30-40K in a few days along with the reversal or weakening of stratospheric zonal winds around the polar vortex during winter at 10hPa and 60° and thus a consequential reversal of the meridional temperature gradient.These events are observed at a greater frequency in the Arctic region in comparison to the Antarctic region.The relevance of the study of SSW in the poles underlies in the fact that such events are directly correlated with the amount of ozone loss in the stratosphere for that particular year.The ozone loss is comparatively reduced in the years of major and minor SSW.The impact of SSW is not only limited to the troposphere but plays an important role in associated phenomenons in the mesosphere and the ionosphere.

The objective of my project is to analyse the amount of Antarctic ozone loss in the year 2019 due to the associated SSW.In the initial part of the project various ozone matrices are compared to analyse the extent of impact of the SSW in the year 2019. In the second part of the project the ozone loss is computed and thus in the last part a comparison of the losses with the previous years is done.My work would help in understanding the positive correlation of SSW and reduced ozone loss.The decreasing nature of ozone loss is also indicative of the better implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

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