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Study of Cyclone Activity and Air-Sea Interaction Over Bay of Bengal Region Using Data and Numerical Model

Currently I am working on “ Influence of Madden Julian oscillation (MJO)on tropical cyclone genesis over the North Indian Ocean (NIO)”. The study includes the analysis of influences caused by the propagation of MJO on genesis of tropical cyclones in the NIO region during the post monsoon region. The active phase of MJO is occurring frequently in October, November, and December, because of that our period of study is focused on these months.

My second objective includes simulation of cyclones using coupled model COAWST and to study the effect of BLT and MLD. The third objective consists of mid tropospheric warming effects within the cyclone and the final objective to retrieve the ocean currents using maximum cross correlation method


● Study MJO intraseasonal oscillation with cyclone
● Cyclone simulation in BOB and study the effect of BLT, and MLD with cyclone
● Mid tropospheric warming effects within cyclone
● Study on Ocean currents retrieval by Maximum Cross Correlation method


● Coastal zone of India is vulnerable and highly-susceptible to tropical cyclones and storms.
According to national disaster management authority (NDMA) out of 7516 km long coastline
about 5700 km is prone to cyclones and Tsunamis, so study of tropical cyclones is highly significant.


Rahul, R., Kuttippurath, J., Chakraborty, A., Akhila, R.S : The inverse influence of MJO on the cyclogenesis in the north Indian Ocean, Atmospheric Research (Impact Factor 5.35), doi: ,2021


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