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Tropical cyclone and climate Change.

Tropical cyclones are one of the most devastating storms. Though it is
disastrous, it also has some positive effects such as bringing rainfall, decreasing
pollutants etc. Our North Indian Ocean which has Bay of Bengal and Arabian
Sea is home to tropical cyclones and also it is warmest of all oceans. In the
context of climate of climate change, it is important to consider the impact of
tropical cyclones on it. In the recent years, there is an increase in the number of
tropical cyclones and 2019 being an anomalous year as far 2019 is concerned.
Therefore, the effects of tropical cyclones on climate change has to be


The impact of climate change on tropical cyclones in the NIO

The impact of tropical cyclones on upper ocean dynamics: Cold wakes

The impact of tropical cyclones on precipitation, particulates and trace gas


Tropical cyclones are increasing and has major adverse effects on the society and
therefore the work is significant with respect to changing environment.


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